The ARTS team responsible for the development and implementation of technical trading systems consists of top specialists under the leadership of Mag. Leo Willert with many years of experience in the planning and construction of highly complex databases, top finance mathematicians, economists and trading experts.
Managing Director, Head of Trading
Mag. Leo Willert
Managing Director
Mag. Thomas Rieß
Authorised Signatory
Jürgen Kultscher
Authorised Signatory
Markus Letschka
Managing Director
Mag. Helmut Spitzer
Information Technology
Thomas Schroffenauer
Risk Management
Bakk. Günther Vogl
Head of Midoffice
Mag. Michael Schmidt
Christian Wöber M.A.
Mag. (FH) Judith Lucny
Nicole Haller
Compliance Officer
Mag. Isabella Höllein
Assitant of the executive board
Eva Pauritsch
Assitant of the executive board
Annemarie Hochreiter
Accounting - on maternity leave
Isabel Haimel
Isabella Wieland