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C-QUADRAT ARTS Total Return Dynamic T (PLN)
Fund Description

Technical trading system - The fund’s investment strategy pursues a forecast-free total return approach that does not follow any benchmark. The objective is to generate long-term absolute growth in all market phases. Based on a short to medium-term trend-following approach, the fully-automated trading programme developed by ARTS Asset Management adheres to clearly defined quantitative rules and monitors over 10,000 investment funds & ETFs.

Flexible investment guidelines - The mixed fund follows an active asset management approach that assesses the attractiveness of feasible investments and produces the current target allocation. Investments are made in the sectors and regions with the strongest trends. Depending on the market situation, the fund can raise its equity exposure up to 100%. To limit the risk during negative stock market periods, the equity exposure can be reduced down to 0% and the fund can switch to more conservative bond and money market funds or near-money market investments.

Chances and Risks

Flexible investment strategy - Equity, bond, or money market investments are selected according to market trends and investment policies, thus ensuring that your money is always invested in the markets that promise to be the most profitable.

Avoidance of long-term drawdowns - The professional total return concept ensures systematic risk management – free from human emotions.

If the product invests in an investment class based on a present upward trend, this development nevertheless may give way to a downward trend.

Upward trends cannot be utilized until the product invests in the relevant investment class.

Downward trends cannot be avoided until the product disinvests from the relevant investment class.

Fund Facts
Distribution Policy
Accumulating - PLN
Investment Company
Ampega Investment GmbH
Custodian Bank
Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Risk / Return Profil
4 of 7
Inception Date
Subscription Fee
Total Net Assets
330.66 Mln EUR
Best Performing Funds
of the recent 6 Months
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October-December | Bonds
3.30 %
Xtrackers MSCI USA Minimum Volatility UCITS ETF 1D (USD) Dis
July-October | USA
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1.22 %
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Ratings / Awards
Performance per 01/18/2019
Performance Chart since
Performance since 09/20/2007 p.a.
3.04 %
Performance 10 Years p.a.
3.64 %
Performance 7 Years p.a.
2.11 %
Performance 5 Years p.a.
0.83 %
Performance 3 Years p.a.
-0.06 %
Performance 2 Years p.a.
-0.49 %
Performance 1 Year
-10.14 %
Performance YTD
0.12 %
Volatility p.a.
10.57 %
Max. Drawdown
-23.22 %
Maximum Recovery [Days]
Mod. Sharpe Ratio
Asset Allocation per 12/31/2018
Asset classes
Money Market/Cash
50.87 %
35.35 %
13.78 %
92.37 %
7.63 %
Top 5 Stock Sectors
5.39 %
3.59 %
Health Care
2.28 %
World Sustainability
1.24 %
0.70 %
Etf Allocation
0.00 %
Factsheets & KIIDS
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